Services for Artists and Crafts people

As an artist or a craft person creativity has priority over other aspects of artistic life therefore in most cases the business dimension takes the secondary importance and somehow it suffers as the result, galleryaa endeavours to provide:

  • Sales and marketing support
  • Business support
  • Technical support

The above are designed for the artists and crafts people who need to promote and sell their works but do not have sufficient time, investment, skills or expertise to realise their dream. galleryaa has a collaborative and dynamic approach and strategy to cooperate with the artists and crafts people through both direct and e marking including :

  • Instant web site.
  • specialised social networking (easel & chisel) for the members to communicate with the like minded artists and crafts people
  • Exhibitions.   
  • B2B marketing.
  • Direct sales and marketing.

By registering in galleryaa website as an artist or craft person you can create your own web page, upload your :

  • logo
  • biography
  • contact details
  • artworks
  • prices
  • etc..

 Create your website in a space of less than an hour without technical pre requisites and have your URL which can be used on your business card and other advertising material. After completion of upload process your artworks and prices will automatically be uploaded to the galleryaa website and the sales and marketing process will be trigged off immediately.

galleryaa provides the above services for one off  annual fee of £250.0, there will be special discount for the educational organisations and art groups and councils.

Artists can sell their artworks themselves without paying commissions however if we sell them there will be 20% commissions. We organize annual exhibitions and auctions.

galleryaa is an vibrant, innovative and dynamic environment for the artists and crafts people who are not connecting to the right market to exhibit their talents.

Join us today and start your business tomorrow.