Artist Guide

Artists can register with GalleryAA to create a personal web page where they can list their artwork. They also get an option to sell their artwork through GalleryAA store. Following is the guideline for artists to create their web page: 

After logging in to your GalleryAA account, you can create your web page using the options provided on ‘My Account’ page as described below:

·       Artist Page URL

This is the link to your web page, any change you make on ‘My Account’ page will be reflected on your web page.

·       Disk Space Used

This is the disk space used by all the artwork images uploaded by you.

·       Artist Page Title

Here you can provide a title for your web page. To edit, add new title and press ‘Update’ button.

·       Artist Page Description

Here you can add your profile description here that will be shown on your personalised web page. Simply edit and press ‘Update’ button to save new description.

·       Page Background Color

You can select a color option to set the background color of your web page. Press ‘Update’ button after selection to save the background color option.

·       Artist Profile Logo

You can upload a logo for your web page. We recommend square shape logo (200x200 pixels). Click ‘Choose File’, select logo file and then press ‘Upload’. If you want to remove it, press ‘Remove’.

·       Artist Profile Banner

You can upload a banner for your web page. We recommend banner size of 800x200. Click ‘Choose File’, select banner image file and then press ‘Upload’. If you want to remove it, press ‘Remove’.

·       Press ‘Insert’ to add new art work

This will open a new page where you an provide details of artwork, with name, description, price and image of art work. You can select the option ‘List on GalleryAA store’ if you want to sell your uploaded artwork through GalleryAA store.

·       Edit Artwork

            If you want to edit an artwork, click ‘Edit’ link next to the item.

·       Delete artwork

            If you want to delete item(s), select check-box (first column in ‘My Artwork’ table) and press ‘Delete’.

·       Continue

            Press ‘Continue’ link at the bottom to see your web page.